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Written by a former analyst and hedge fund manager, Net Interest distils 25 years of experience in the financial sector into a weekly email. Each post explores a theme currently trending in the sector. And because there’s a financial company lurking inside almost every company, there’s always something to talk about.

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About the Author

Net Interest is written by me, Marc Rubinstein. I spent ten years as a partner of an award-winning hedge fund. Before that I was a top-rated analyst at an investment bank. When I’m not writing Net Interest, I consult with corporates and investment firms and I’m also an active angel investor in fintech. You can find out more about me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Net Interest has been featured in Forbes as one of “Eight New Fintech Newsletters You Should Be Reading”. It’s been quoted in The Times and The Financial Times.

Net Interest research has even been cited in UK Parliamentary hearings!

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You did a very good job and I was impressed with your effort. It was fun for me to read…
Chairman and CEO, Major Global Bank

“It is always an interesting read.”
CFO, Leading Indian Private Sector Bank

“Thank you for your posts! I really enjoy them, and find them insightful.”
CEO, Global Insurance Company

“Your essays are very, very compelling.”
Former Member of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank

“Definitely worth a read.”
Former Group Head of Strategy, FTSE 100 financial services company

“A fantastic note … one of the best emails I’ve read for some time.”
Director, Hong Kong based investment firm

“Lovely newsletter. It’s clarity of content is rare indeed.”
Head of equity sales, brokerage firm

“Great stuff.”
Senior hedge fund manager

There is always something one can learn from you.
Social entrepreneur

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When I launched Net Interest back in May, @packyM was incredibly generous with his advice. An absolute pleasure to be able to collaborate with him on this 👇